There’s a fun and new twitter pitch party that’s called #PitMatch. It has already started and should be open until 4 pm est.

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Guilty Pleasures

A life without love was a concept Julie could not comprehend. She knew she, at least, wasn’t capable of pulling off such a feat. Therefore, no matter how messed up her love life was at twenty-eight, she valued it greatly.

“Watch it,” she reprimanded breathlessly, just as her back hit a piece of furniture with a rather loud bang.

“Oh shush, you know you like it.”

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Before Dawn

couverture 3

02 : 05 the clock read.

Tired. She finds the term weak, and yet none other came to her sleep-deprived mind. She watches her husband stumble into the room, trying but failing to be discreet. The smell of alcohol and cheap perfume soon fills her nostrils, and she bites back an enraged shout. She pretends to sleep instead, as per usual.

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