The White Paper Syndrom



Sometimes, no matter how much I want to write, I am incapable of producing even one sentence. It’s the oh-so-dreaded White Paper Syndrom or as most people call it the writer’s block.

I don’t know how others deal with it but I just put on some music and take my mind off the story for a bit. After that, I’m as good as new.

While that might not work for all, it does for me. So maybe next time, you could try that 😉

In an English class I was at a few years ago, the teacher asked us to give him random words. We did. Then he challenged us to write a short story using every word in the list. I believe that technique could be useful to get over writer’s block. It takes your mind off your story, and then an idea leads to another and you’re back in the game.

I hope this helps ^^


Feel free to tell me how you overcome writer’s block when it occurs in the comments section 😉



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