Fanfiction Time

Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show and wanted to see things differently? If so, then a fanfiction is the piece you’ll be writing.

Here’s one about my favorite show The Vampire diaries. I hope you’ll like it. 

Damon knew better than to take it out on his brother when he was in that state of mind, but he could not resist. The fact that he had been drinking probably did not help the situation all that much.

He would rather die a thousand times than admit how much it hurt to see him so happy with the girl of his dreams. Admittedly, it was no secret how much he envied him for what he had with her. How come he was always denied the very thing he most desired? What was it that made it so difficult for him to have it?

Acceptation was all he ever asked for, yet it seemed to elude him since forever.

Happy was not the word that was better suited to describe the relationship his little brother shared with his girlfriend at the time, but he did not know that. As it happened, he did not know that Elena could no longer bring herself to trust Stefan as much as she once did, not after he had been scattering corpses behind him like a little girl would giggles. He did not know of the distance they both felt despite being together. He did not know of their arguments, of their lost complicity and forgotten intimacy. He knew nothing of that.

So, as he resorted to venting his frustrations through his fists, and his little brother lived up to his expectations by giving back as much as he was given, he felt slightly relieved. For, as long as he threw and received punches, he could forget his father’s disappointment, Katherine’s betrayal, Stefan’s reproaches and Elena’s rejection. As the fight continued, his thoughts were given a rest from spinning, his regrets stopped plaguing him and he was at last able to enjoy a welcomed, blissful nothingness, no matter how temporarily.

Should he ever be accepted for who he was, he would maybe – hopefully! – find peace, but for the time being he relished in the pain he felt and the one he inflicted upon his little brother.



I’ll be waiting for your comments.



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