Guilty Pleasures

A life without love was a concept Julie could not comprehend. She knew she, at least, wasn’t capable of pulling off such a feat. Therefore, no matter how messed up her love life was at twenty-eight, she valued it greatly.

“Watch it,” she reprimanded breathlessly, just as her back hit a piece of furniture with a rather loud bang.

“Oh shush, you know you like it.”

She was about to retort when her partner leaned in and stole yet another languorous kiss, rendering her unable to remember what she was about to say. His kisses always had the knack to make all coherent thoughts flee. Her shirt was then thrown aside and, soon enough, she was completely nude before her very dressed lover.

“Always so beautiful,” he whispered against the shell of her ear, his breath fanning over the delicate skin there, making her shiver with desire.

She tugged at the belt keeping his pants together, wanting to bare him for her eyes, but to no avail as she was clumsy in her impatience. He had the nerve to chuckle at her failed attempts.


There was no man capable of resisting that pout of hers, he was sure of that. He often joked that she would be the death of him one day. She felt the same.

Their hands fumbled about one another, caressing, exploring as if for the first time, mapping every curve, every dip… It seemed they could not get enough of each other. Would they ever? Right then, lost in their passion and oblivious to the world, they had no business worrying about that.

But reality had to catch up with them sometime, and it did when someone turned the knob of the bathroom door. For one brief moment, they paled, and their eyes bulged. Then, as the door remained closed, they breathed out a sigh of relief. It was a good thing they had remembered to lock it in their hurry.


When all was said and done, Julie breathed out a contented sigh. Moments later, however, the green beast within her reared its ugly head, “Your wife is waiting for you at the party downstairs.”

“Don’t I know it, sister?”

This was not their first time. And neither would it be their last. They enjoyed the secrecy of their forbidden meetings, reveled in the rush of adrenaline that always came with the thought that they could be seen, and simply lived for the guilty pleasures of their joined bodies.
They were brother and sister but they indulged, each time they could, in a romance most forbidden.



All rights reserved to Larosesemsem

I hope you liked this little piece.

Let me know what you thought of it in a comment 😉



2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Wait, am I reading this correctly?! They are related? Now this a bit…much. I’m not sure what to say. Things were going well until the last line! The line, “Don’t I know it, sister?” I thought was something he was saying in passing.


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