The Safe Haven

There was but one man whom Maria could trust blindly and for whom she would gladly give her life: her father. While he might not be perfect, he was her hero. He was her confidant, her support wall, and her safe haven, all at once. She loved him dearly.

As fate would have it, he fell victim to an incurable illness, and she was soon enough bidding him farewell. And what a painful farewell it had been! Tears, contrarily to popular belief, didn’t come easy to the grieving teen; she had been too numb at the time of the funeral to shed any, too sad to talk, and too angry to eat. Her passions dulled, her brightness dimmed, her wit decreased, her pranks stopped… she became nothing short of an empty shell.

Life was tough. Nevertheless, it went on.
He used to tell her to always stay strong. And when the tragedy hit its third full moon, she found herself following his teachings. He was the one man she trusted blindly after all.



All rights reserved to Larosesemsem

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