Letting Go

Here is a flash fiction I wrote some time ago. Reviews are welcome.


Letting Go


Celia looked at the man she loved with a mixture of pain and anger. He was fast asleep, another woman nestled in his arms, a smile stretching his lips.

Her hands clenched into fists. She wanted to scream at him, to hurt him even, but could only stare.

Minutes later, although it felt like hours, she spun around resolutely. She walked out of the room they used to share, her face grim, her steps small but confident. She had made her decision. She would never seek him out again. She was dead after all, and had been but a wandering ghost for the last three years. James deserved to be happy. He had mourned her enough as it was.




All rights reserved to Larosesemsem

I will be waiting for your comments.



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