A Fairy’s Advice

A Tale of Helping Tools and Grammar

Up in the sky,

Behind the clouds,

Next to the moon,

In the starry night,
From a fairy’s light,

About grammar and style,

Often, she said,

Less is more, remember that.


Why, yes, the last two verses do not comply with the rules of preposition poems. What can I say? I’m not well versed in the field. As a matter of fact, this is my first time writing a poem, so please forgive this lapse of mine.

But more importantly, let’s focus on the content, shall we?
“Less is more,” the fairy said. One can wonder about the meaning of such a contradictory maxim. Let’s explain it this way: if a woman were to wear a sleeveless, backless short dress, with an absurdly plunging neckline, some frighteningly high heels, and one too many jewels, one wouldn’t know where to look. It would just be too much. If she were, on the contrary, to opt for a simpler dress – let’s say, either sleeveless or backless, not both – she would come off as more elegant.

Well, the same can be said about grammar and style. Be it adjectives or adverbs, although they do serve a purpose, they are to be used sparingly. Peppering our writing with them, in hopes of making the description more beautiful, is not the wisest thing to do. Yes, they are helping tools, but they should not replace a strong verb.

To sum it all up, we should probably, certainly, definitely, undeniably listen to the old wise fairy! 😉


This is one of the writing assignments I had in the English Grammar and Style MOOC

I hope it helps

Until next time,

tk cr



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