Letting Go


The urge to write is hard to resist. One may last a week, a month, a year… but in the end, the story will come to the light, one way or another. In order to have some peace, giving in is the best option.

I once had this feverish desire to write a Delena bdsm fanfiction (Delena as in Damon / Elena from The Vampire Diaries). And no, my inspiration did not come from Fifty Shades (God forbid!) It was all I could think about, for days. I even dreamt about it multiple times. But fanfiction isn’t my cup of tea (More of a reader than a writer of the genre), and I’m a stubborn girl…

Then, upon saying hello to an upcoming exam, I was forced to bid my stubbornness goodbye. Letting go was refereshing, and I was able to focus. “There, wasn’t so hard!” I wanted to pat myself on the back hhhh

Since then, no more holding back for me. It is unhealthy. Where writing is concerned, that is.

I’ll be happy to know your thoughts on the matter ^^



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