The First Believers


The power to believe… What can I say? Indeed, it’s the title of one of Naruto’s episodes, but that’s not today’s topic. I’m talking about those first persons to believe in someone’s work.

Yeah, the style ain’t all that, the punctuation is far from spot-on, the piece could use some more work; yet, they believe. The story has yet to take shape really, but they see the potential.

You make mistakes, they point them out. You have insecurities, they encourage you to write more. You go through a dry spell, they wait for your comeback.

I found that on wattpad. And let me tell you, those first believers are everything. I can never thank them enough.

I have trouble conveying my thoguhts sometimes. I can take detours to state the obvious, and I’m very messy about it, but I hope you got the message ^^

Comments are highly appreciated so feel free to use that box below 😉



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