My Wattpad Debut

So, as I told you before, wattpad changed my life.

Of course, I didn’t know that when I first discovered the website. But, I am pretty sure of it now. I read a lot of stories on it. And before I knew it, I had a story of my own begging to be told.

I didn’t give in to the urge at first. But, my main character was a persistant fellow. I daydreamed a lot, and even dreamed about him once or twice. After about two weeks, I found myself writing the first sentences of what would become a 400-page story.


I admit that my beginnings were awful. For some reason, I threw everything I knew about writing (which I had tried in both Ar and Fr before) out of the window, and wrote like a six-year-old. Lots of dialogue, not enough description, terrible punctuation… you name it!

But, as I shared my mess on wattpad, I got readers, feedback, critcisim, etc. And, by the time I started writing another story, I had grown a lot.

English is only my 3rd language. My seventeen-year-old self had been French-focused. Now, however, I can only see myself writing in Eng.

What about you? How did your main character go about convincing you to write about him/her?



2 thoughts on “My Wattpad Debut

  1. I don’t write stories, only poetry and songs. However I can relate to your post anyways. Whenever I have an idea lingering in the depths of my wicked mind, I NEED to unleash it onto paper. I need to capture it somewhere so it won’t escape. Only too often my first drafts are a complete embaressment, I don’t pay attention to any of the rules of writing, I don’t give a damn during that moment, all I’m concerned about at that point is getting “it” out of my system. Changes will happen later, after I’m done spilling chunks of words all over the place.. And I know what you mean, I can only write in English. I have no clue why, but even the ideas only come to me in English. Funny thing. 🙂

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    1. “Getting it out of my system” is exactly the way I felt back then. I couldn’t focus on anything. The urge to write an idea down, in fear that you might forget it otherwise, or that it’ll haunt you for the rest of the day / week… I still get that sometimes ^^

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