The Power of Words

Ever since I learnt to read, books took a sacred sparkle and became the object of an insatiable passion. Reading taught me a lot. It goes without saying that one has to lose himself to reading in order to become a decent writer but that’s not exactly how I regard it. I take pleasure in it and savor the words I devour when it’s well written.

Whenever I find that a sentence is really beautiful, expressive or particularly true, I feel the need to write it down. It either joins the stick-notes on my desk (which consist of sayings I like, excerpts…) or on my Fb profile, and sometimes both.

Don’t we all do that sometimes? ^^

They can be a sweet reminder of the pleasure I tasted when reading the words. The meaning might cheer me up, bring to the surface memories that sadden me, or simply make a fact go through my thick skull, but the words aren’t any less beautiful.

Here’s one for the road:

“The success comes at a price. The artist must stand alone to observe the crowd.”
I didn’t find this one in a book but heard it in a tv show. It’s a quote by Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl.

What do you think about it? Does it ring true to you?

Don’t be shy to comment 😉



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