The World that is Wattpad

There are hundreds of websites dedicated to writing, sharing, reading and reviewing stories, but I just love Wattpad way too much to actively seek out another one (aside from that is).

After reading the harlequin that had led me there (Green Lightning was the title), I went on a little discovery trip. Soon enough, I couldn’t get enough of it. I became addicted to Wattpad. I devored stories all the time, an online eng-fr dictionary window always open for emergencies hhhhh

Within weeks, I fell in love with one particular genre, namely teacher/student romance.

The story that did it? 

I just loved it, although the main character made me see red many times. But hey, between the plot and the attentive description, it was not a battle I could have won… and I’m glad I didn’t, because the next thing I know, I’m attempting to write my first story in Eng.

It’s a vampire teach/student romance, supernatural coming to the picture because I love it so much.

A seemingly harmless sentence, reaction or decision can bring the most unexpected change. I just never thought that would be it for me.

Find out more about how I grew up as a writer in my next post. & thanks for the support everyone ^^



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