Language Switch

Some of you may be wondering, “If she’s a native Ar & Fr speaker, why is she making a blog in Eng?”

Err, yeah, about that… My attempt at Ar left me unsatisfied because I always felt like my level wasn’t good enough. As for when I tried to write in Fr, it’s not that I was bad at it, it’s just that I’m so used to reading classics that my style turned out not to be fit for contemporary. Sure, I could have worked on it, but the fact is I’m such a perfectionist when it comes to Fr that nothing I wrote was to my liking.

Erasing Oops !

Ever wrote something and then erased it to formulate it otherwise? Yeah, imagine doing that over 15 times and that’s the perfect recipe to annoyance.

So, I stopped writing.

Then, during the summer break right before entering college, I got into reading Harlequins… in Eng. So yeah, I only got to reading in Eng at the age of 18. But hey, it’s my 3rd language so be cool! :p
One website led to another and, soon enough, I stumbled upon Wattpad.

It changed me.



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