1st Try

I have always been passionate about reading and languages in general, but that is not to say I excelled in Arabic, despite it being my native language. Upon entering high school and studying some pretty tough old poems, I realized just how much I was lacking.

Do bear in mind that Arabic has been around for far more than French or English; it’s more complex 😉  And let’s be honest, I never read in Ar, always in Fr, which can partially explain the little problems I faced… not that I was failing the subject, mind you! I was actually the first of the class but it still seemed like my Ar wasn’t on the same level as my Fr (of which I’m a native speaker too).

What to do? 

I started reading Ar stories on the internet. And from website to website, I stumbled upon a forum that was to my liking. Before I knew it, I was posting my own attempts at Ar writing and getting feedback.


During the year and half in which I contributed to the forum, I might not have become the best but I definitely got better in Ar.

My first attempt at Ar writing was an almost sickeningly cliché love story… one has to start somewhere, you know hhhh
And maybe the writings of a seventeen year old amateur aren’t all that, but there is one story I’m planning to translate in the near future. Now, almost six years later, I still think the concept and the development were good. That has to count, right?

A shy beginning for sure, for a promising future perhaps, who knows? ^^



2 thoughts on “1st Try

  1. I have never been to Algeria, but would love to read your work if you can share the link ?
    Plus, keep going you happen to be one talented person masha’Allah !


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