How it Began

Hello everyone,

I’m just a girl who loves writing and often dreams about becoming a published writer. Don’t roll your eyes at me. One can dream, right? ^^

The funny thing is the first time I attempted to write something on Word, that was not for school, was because of a telenovela I was obsessed with. Said telenovela (Abrazame Muy Fuerte is the title) gave me my first serious character crush at the tender age of 11. I was so in love with the storyline, I couldn’t help but tell everyone around me to watch it.

Ah, the memories!


But no matter how much I talked about it, it wasn’t enough, especially since my friends didn’t quite share my enthusiasm. The day I sat down to write what had happened up until the episode I had just watched was the day I slept most comfortably in a long time.

No, it wasn’t a fanfiction. I just enjoyed writing down what had happened, my love for the telenovela showing in a story told clumsily by my eleven year old self.

Now that I think about it, Carlos Manuel (the hero) is probably one of the reasons why my male protagonists are always tall dark and handsome, and never blonde hhhh

And you, what’s your passion? What started it?



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